What is iVia

iVia combines innovation with the word Via which means journey or way. Our goal is to bring innovation practitionerstogether to learn, share, explore and shape the industry of innovation – to assist them on their innovation journey.  iVia was founded as an innovative partnership between Whirlpool Corporation, Beacon Health System and the University of Notre Dame.  Our mission is to “Build a Better World Through Innovation.” As practitioners we know that innovation, and the building of innovation competency, is a journey with many roads leading to new discoveries.

iVia Brand Values
We believe:
• in values-based leadership and business as a force for good
• innovation is a critical business competency
• there is not one right answer to innovation practices (one size does not fit all)
• the path to innovation is not a straight line
• the path to innovation is dynamic
• innovation is collaborative
• innovation is abstract and messy - and we embrace this
• innovation is a fusion of creative and analytical thinking
• innovation success is found through a disciplined, structured process
• the practice of innovation is – and should be - continually evolving

We live by modeling our values through everything we do.

The programs iVia sponsors will be experiential, comprehensive, unbiased, values-based, from practitioners to practitioners, and outcome driven innovation competency building.

iVia Brand Promise

iVia will focus on the delivery of preeminent innovation education and community-building to drive organizational growth and differentiation, and advance careers of innovators. iVia fills a gap in the market for a comprehensive, rigorous, and unbiased innovation education.  Our efforts reflect our passion to build a better world through innovation.

The Founders

iVia was founded by a partnership between Whirlpool Corporation, Beacon Health System and the University of Notre Dame and is becoming a common voice of the innovation industry. 

In November 2013, the pilot offering of the Certified Innovation Mentor program was successfully launched. Fourteen participants completed their required coursework in May 2014 and currently are pursuing their certification. In November 2014, iVia sponsored it's initial conference Innovation - Perspectives from the Front Lines.  This highly acclaimed conference allowed pratitioners to learn from practitioners and develop a unique network of innovation professionals.