CIMp Content & Schedule

The Certified Innovation Mentor program (CIMp) consists of three separate classroom sessions, two intersessions with additional on-line content along with application of learning presented in the classroom sessions, participation in a team innovation project, and completion of an individual innovation project.  The program is comprehensive, neutral and rigorous, providing participants the unique and sought after acumen and recognition to become an innovation catalyst for their organization.

Three distinct classroom modules, delivered over a nine-month period, are themed in the following sequence:


  1. Developing the Business Case for Innovation
  2. Applying Innovation
  3. Leading the Innovation Imperative

These live, in-person classroom sessions are enriched with industry-leading content, interactive applications, discussion and reflection of how the principles integrate into your organization.

The two Intersessions continue the discovery, interaction and learning. E-learning programs expand your access to content.  Specifically designed work assignments aid you immediately applying the content to your real world work. The intersession on-line content is provided by a series of well-known innovation experts and is available solely through prticipation in CIMp (see CIMp Content Partners tab for more information).  

 Post program includes completion of an individual innovation project and affords continual access to program content and expert mentors. Below is the content anticipated for the three in-person classroom sessions.Cimp M1 Schedule

Cimp M2 Schedule

Cimp M3 Schedule