CIMp On-line Content Partners

Below is a list of some of the Content Partners that have provided on-line segments of innovation tools, approaches or techniques.  This unique collection of innovation experts is available only to participants in the Certified Innovation Mentor program.



Guest Speaker/Organization

New Perspectives for Innovation

Amy Muller of Strategos

Key Design Thinking Tools

Luis Arnal of Insitum

Insights to Ideation

Jennifer Cuthill of Clearworks


Peter Zapf of fogpilot

Design Thinking

Experience Point

Key Ideation Tools

Decio Mendes of ?What if!

Creating WOW Projects!

Valarie Willis of Tompeterscomany!

Deep Dive of In-market Validation

Andy Katz of Growthmark

Innovation and the Value of Customer Insights

David Crosswhite, Growth Strategy & Innovation Consultant, Author, Speaker

Attribute Value Mapping

SIT (Systematic Inventive Thinking)

Putting Governance into Innovation

Luis Solis of imaginatik

Customer Insights

Mary Gahan of Smith Dhamer

Innovation Games

Luke Hohmann

Cognitive Fixedness

Omri Linder of SIT (Systematic Inventive Thinking)

Thinking with your Hands

Gregg Fraley of KILN

Connecting Insight to Experts

Mike Hutwelker of CNG Partners

Idea Keg

Gregg Fraley of KILN

Midnight Lunch: Coherence & Complexity

Sarah Miller Caldicott

Design Thinking

Matt Alverson of IA Collaborative

Primary Research and Innovation

Dudley Brundige of GLG

What Matters Now/MIX

Gary Hamel