Individual Comments from Certified Innovation Mentors:

"After completing the Certified Innovation Mentor program, I'm much better at mentoring others in innovation concepts and tools. I know how to help people through the process of generating ideas - making sure the ideas are new, impactful, properly evaluated, and eventually launched." Jim Tusar, Exelon

"I joined the CIMp pilot training shortly after moving into a new role in my company, Sonoco, focused on driving innovation in several key markets.  In looking back, I cannot imagine doing this new job without the benefit of the CIMp program.  Sonoco had recently rolled out a new innovation process, and CIMp complemented our process with many practical, hands-on techniques and skills that I could apply as our team worked to execute new products and services.  The program content is rigorous and based on academic principles while not being overly theoretical or abstract.  Just as importantly, the program allowed me to develop a network of CIMp classmates and faculty that have provided benchmarking ideas, advice and a sounding board for my company’s innovation journey."  Bill Wilson, Sonoco

“It's much more than I expected it to be.  Faculty is really dedicated to helping us learn the tools of innovation.”   Jeff Dahl, Bobcat   

“Are you responsible for innovation or innovation leaders in your organization? Do you have a passion for innovation, creativity, and validated learning? I was one of the lucky few who went through this program and completed my certification, becoming a Certified Innovation Mentor, #001. I have a group of other innovators that I can now associate with, and bounce ideas off of and collaborate with that I never had before.  Don't miss this opportunity to be a leader in your organization and the field of innovation, take the leap!”   Ray Tilkens, Greenheck 

"We’re getting exposure to so many different vendors, so many different techniques, methodologies, things related to innovation that would be very, very difficult to do on your own.“  Dennis Hoover, Exelon  

”Even as a seasoned practitioner, I am learning and expanding.”    Sue Mosby, Infinium


Here are the transcribed comments from participants in the pilot delivery of the Certified Innovation Mentor program (CIMp):


  • Leading thought on innovation, network, community, stimulation.
  • Awesome value.  A must attend.  10 of 10.
  • Fantastic opportunity.  Access to thought leaders and practitioners of innovation.  Way to build your innovation network.  Shared experiences and opportunities. 
  • Do it!  Your mind will be stretched, and you will be better for it personally and professionally.
  • The credibility and partnership are huge.  Notre Dame, Whirlpool & Beacon are keys to long-term success. 
  • If you want to start the innovation journey, I know where you can start it.  Because the people/faculty have knowledge, experience and hands-on in the innovation/ space, it is not only theory, it is ACTION. 
  • World-class out of the gate.  Chance to interact with the leaders.