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Exelon Case Study Final 

Matthew Sagaser, Director Innovation Accelerated & Acceleration Center, Doosan Bobcat

Below are descriptions of innovation projects submitted by some of our Certified Innovation Mentors as completion of their requirements.  They provide you with an insight into the range of projects they completed and the impact and return they provided their sponsoring organziations.



Ray Tilkens, Director of Innovation and Collaboration, Greenheck (certification project while at John Deere):

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) offer the opportunity to dramatically lower the cost and increase the availability of aerial imaging and sensing. But before they can be widely deployed, UAV technology must be appropriately integrated into existing farm management and business practices, and the economic value of such integration clearly proven to farmers.

“Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) provide dealers with a new and innovative way to provide customers with services that help them improve their ability to make timely decisions across the production cycle. These services utilize the advantages of the unmanned aircraft systems and the imagery generated to affect the customer with agronomic and job optimization benefits which will result in new value for growers that can be equitably shared with Deere and its dealers (without alienating 3rd parties in the agriculture ecosystem that growers, dealers, and Deere rely on).”



Bill WIlson, IPS Project Manager, Sonoco

Sonoco is a $5.4 billion provider of consumer and industrial packaging, and one of the markets we are focusing on for growth is pet food packaging.  My CIMp project was to apply learnings from the program to our efforts to grow share in the market for packaging pet treats (moist and dry treats, treats for oral care, jerky, etc.).  We conducted a successful ideation session in May 2014 that generated over 50 concepts.  We have systematically moved the top concepts through the development, prototyping and business case stages using tools and processes covered in CIMp.  We are poised to launch the leading concept in early 2016, and have several other concepts in the pipeline behind that.

Our pet food packaging team has also leveraged innovation in this market in other ways.  For example, we were recently invited to an open innovation challenge by one of the major companies in the pet food industry.  We do no business with this company at present, and the topic of this challenge was not an area we know well.  However, we dug into the market, developed insights and held an effective ideation session.  From this process we came up with a novel concept that “wowed” our prospective customer.  Since then, we have several new business projects firming up with this company and have participated successfully in another innovation challenge.  We are now seen by this company as a packaging supplier that thinks differently and can deliver innovative products to this market.